Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sanpete Fall Festival {DoodleBug}

Our first craft fair was a small local craft fair called "Sanpete Fall Festival"  It was its first year, so booths were not too expensive, and we were excited to try.

So we got some pegboard, made a few crafts, and arrived early.

We were the only craft booth and we felt okay about it when we started.

Then, we sat... and waited, and waited...  And no one came... and then Keith's grandma came and bought something (I can't even remember what it was!)

And then we sat, and sat, and sat... We didn't sell one other thing the entire day.. but that could be because it wasn't very busy... We didn't give up.  We signed up for another craft fair... a BIG one, in Gunnison.  We must have been crazy!

A few things we made for the first fall festival.

We sold these online after the show

This is the front (I sold 3-4 of these after the show too)
This is the back

Some cute little candy corn
This was a favorite of mine, it never sold, so it is still part of my halloween decor at my house!

More on Mistletoe Mall next :)


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