Saturday, January 23, 2016

Custom Orders Summertime, Gladness! {doodlebug}

After the Swap meet, we had a long break from craft fairs, we still made crafts, and summertime is when we really focus on custom orders.  Of course we love and accept custom orders anytime.  Summertime is when we have the most, (probably cause I don't work summers, and I've got lots of extra time)

So here are some pictures of some of our custom orders!

Cute Kitchen Set  The spoons are vinyl

Same cute set, picture of it in the customer's house!
These are my favorite to post, cause I love to see our stuff in homes!
She liked them so much she wanted more!
We sold a WHOLE bunch of these in about September, I painted and painted scarecrows for DAYS!
More of that same order
The official listing for Mr. Scarecrow

Sorry about the quality in some of these, sometimes cellphone pictures just... lack finesse!

Growth Charts are one of my very favorite things to make.
The sexy hub in the background :)

The most detailed and intense thing we've ever done... Okay, so Keith did this, the whole thing... I was too scared.

We really can make just about anything you could dream of, if there is something you want in your home, we can make it!

Custom orders are taken ANYTIME, you can call us, text us, email us or message us on our facebook page

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