Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So I told you all that I am dedicated to organizing my new house and keeping it clean and organized. This is actually working so far. I mean my house isn't completely unpacked, but it is getting there, and with every box we unpack there are more and more things that I get organized.

Moving is great. I should do it a lot because it really helped me de-clutter my life!
today, I'm going to share with you my favorite tips for organizing and storing your clothes!

I love Linda Koopersmith. She's great and I love that she folds things into little packages. I used this method to fold the Hubs undies too. Except that I didn't BUY drawer organizers, I made them from the billion cardboard boxes we have.

I also like to fold jeans like this chick did in this video.  But skip to 4:30 cause she is obnoxious and talks WAY too much.... Sorry Alejandra, lets get to the point!

There are lots of other methods I use. But one I can't figure out is how to fold a padded swimsuit.  I can't find anything on this, so friends.. How do you fold your swimsuits? one piece or two piece. without folding the padded cups inside one another (I hear that causes DBS - Dented Boob Syndrome--)

Let me know!

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