Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guest Post From Hansen Love

Today, I asked April from Hansen Love to guest! She asked me to guest post a few weeks ago. You can find that article here. April has been my best fresty since 6th grade. I love her! But since we both got married and she moved away, we don't see each other much.  I miss her. :) we stay in touch though.  She's great and is my blogging inspiration.  

Ladies and Gentlemen... I give you...  April: Star of Hansen Love

Hello all!!! I am April Hansen, I am the founder, writer, and star of Hansen Love. Okay. I don't know about star, but it sounded cool right?? It is a lifestyle blog about my husband, Jake, and I. And our little adventures as newlyweds. Yeah yeah, I know. Another newlywed blog. But you have to admit you always get stuck reading them! ;)

Kayla asked me to guest post on her blog today and I am so excited. At first I couldn't think what in the world I could have to offer you that would be of worth. And then it finally hit me this weekend.
For Christmas, I gave Jake tickets to see George Straits concert. It is his last tour, and my dear sweet husband has been the biggest fan of George his whole life. Just a little background story, Jake is a farmer through and through. Going back through the line there are farmers as far as you can see. 

In fact his Grandpa Hansen (Gramps for short) owned a John Deere Dealership way back when. So yeah. Lots of farming. Jake grew up listening to George while herding cows with Gramps and his cousin Logan. He listened to George when he was out hunting with his Dad. He sang George to me when I was sick and we were dating. George is his hero. When he thinks of George, he thinks of all the good things that came when listening to him.

So... I took Jake to see his hero. His reaction was unbelievable ... 

He was so happy. And I was happy I got his reaction. :) haha

So If you hadn't caught on, I wanted to talk about my hero. And how she has changed my life.

This ladies and gentlemen, Is my Momma :)

Cliche' I know. But I wanted to share, along with Kayla about how my mom is my hero. 

This lady is the strongest woman I know. 

This is my family. And we sure have raised a lot of hell. My mom, and dad, put up with all of us kids. 

My  mom was diagnosed with Hepatitis C when I was young. really young. She had got it way back before she met my dad in a doctors office by accidentally pricking her finger. This changed our life and hers forever. 
Everything started catching up with her when I was in 6th or 7th grade. It started effecting her and she decided to go to the doctor and get treated for this. 

Tons of different kinds of medicines, many trips to Salt Lake, and a lot of prayers later she was down to one last medicine that was going to help her. 

I remember the night before she went to be tested to see if this last medicine worked. There I was in my bed. A little 12 year old, praying as hard as I could that this medicine would work. That I could have my mom there when I went to my first dance. That she would go prom dress shopping with me. That she would be there to kiss my cheek on my wedding day. 

The next day, we found out that this medicine was working. Great news right!?!?! yes.  It was much like going through cancer treatments. She had chemo, radiation, and also gave herself a shot every day. 

It was hard to see her lose weight and hair but still be able to go to work everyday and come home and cook for us. I learned a lot from my mom in the year that she was on that medicine. She is so very strong, and an amazing example to me. 

After a while of being on the medicine she decided that she would stay off of it for a while so she could live a normal happy life. Now that she is thinking of going back on it, it breaks my heart to know what it can put her through. 

But I know that she can do anything and that I will learn even more from her. 

My mom is a super mom. My hero. 

** I don't want to make this depressing or leave you feeling sad. So heres a little video to make you smile.

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So great, I love April and her mom is pretty awesome!!!  This Kid President rocks!!! Right?

Follow her! Follow me! :) Thanks for readin'!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 Days (the rest of the story)

Oh Paul Harvey.  How I loved listening to you when I was young... Lets be nostalgic.

I believe we got to 5 Foods so lets move on to...

6. Places

1. Norway. My moms side of the family are Norwegian Immigrants, My grandpa served a mission in Norway, and my uncle has visited Norway..  My heart truely has ties to this beautiful place.  I hope that one day I can go there!!!

2. Hawaii. As most of you know, my parents get to go here in a little over a month!!  I hope that one day, I can go there with them! And my brother and Jill and my hubby!

3. This pool.  Its located in Midway, UT.  At the Homestead Resort, it is a crater that is filled with water, and its a swimming pool!! coolest thing ever!!!

4. Tahiti.  Specifically this resort.  When Keith and I got engaged we REALLY wanted to go here for our honeymoon.  But lets be honest, what kind of newlyweds have that kind of cash?!?  So it goes on my dream places to visit.

5. You're all going to think I'm strange for this one... but number 5 is the lovely Bermuda Triangle, full of fear and mystery of the unknown!  (Its awesome!)

6. The castles of Ireland!  Self explanatory!

7 Wants

  1. Baby Woolsey crawling around our new house
  2. Someone to pack my current house up
  3. Be fit, and lose the weight I've always wanted to lose
  4. Have 100,000,000 Dollars
  5. Have a full time job doing something I love.
  6. THIS SEMESTER TO BE OVER (I hate fit for life)
  7. To live a long life, and be remembered for changing the world for better.
8 Fears

If any of you know me, you can guess most of these...

  2. Being alone
  3. Never becoming a mother
  4. Spiders
  5. Snakes
  6. LIZARDS!!!
  7. I have a fear of what others think of me
  8. I also have a fear that I will not make a difference
9 Loves

  1. Keith
  2. Water Aerobics
  3. My Family (both of them)
  4. Smiling
  5. Singing
  6. Music
  7. Movies
  8. Reading
  9. All of you for reading my blog!

10 Secrets

  1. I hate to shower when no one is home.
  2. Every time I get in my car, my life flashes before my eyes.
  3. Sometimes I cry simply because I feel inadequate
  4. I'll never tell, but what people I barely know say about me hurts the worst.
  5. I love when Keith surprise hugs me
  6. I love getting flowers
  7. I need approval from the people I love
  8. I still have no idea what I want to do with my life
  9. I am becoming addicted to blogging
  10. I'm terrified that I will not be able to be a good wife or mother.  These two things are the most important things in the world to be.
That was fun! You should all do this.  I learned a lot about myself!

And as Paul Harvey would say... and that is .... The Rest of the Story

10 Days Challenge

Okay! I saw this on Hansen Love and decided I would give it a go!

1. Picture of yourself
yeah, you're jealous that I'm sooo stinkin cute!!

2. Two Songs

Right now, I'm loving on several songs.  It's going to be tough to pick just two....


Little Houses by this *cough* good lookin guy.

and ....

And Better Dig Two (morbid, I know) by The Band Perry.. This girl is GORGEOUS!!!

3. Films...

This one is seriously hard!!! I am obsessed with movies.... Like, my life revolves around them...

1. P.S. I love you.  Let's be honest.  Gerard Butler = SOOOOO HOT!!!  I love him.. I also love this movie. Once upon a time, I stole this movie from Kayden... He never got it back!

2. Finding Neverland.  Two words to make you understand why... JOHNNY DEPP!!!

3. Benny and Joon
Once again...  JOHNNY DEPP!

4. Books

  1. 50 Shades Trilogy. Seriously, if you haven't read it, you need to... it's a little explicit....  (okay a lot) but!

    2. The Hunger Games Books finished all 3 in one week. I couldn't put them down!  READ THESE BOOKS!!!

   3. Alicia: My Story. As far as holocaust books go, this is my favorite.  I cried and smiled and by the end.  I had a new perspective on life.

   4. Pregnant Pause. I just finished this book.  It was good, I cried a lot.  But mostly it gave me an appreciation of life.

5. Food!!! This is my favorite subject!!

  1. Roasted Potatoes! Since we made this the other day, they are the only thing we think about.
  3. Hot Dogs!!
  4. Taco's!!! ( I LOVE TACOS)
  5. Hawaiian Pizza!
:) (lots of startchy stuff!)

Okay, I must run, I have class in an hour....

I'll post the rest later!!!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy News!

So today was a big day.

I released the info on facebook today that Mr. and Mrs. Woolsey are going to be homeowners!  We found the cutest most spectacular house!  And we are getting financing to buy it!  We love it.  It is so perfect for us!!!  We were a little stressed because the payment will be a little more than we are paying for rent right now, so I set out on a journey to find another job.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job at the college, but I needed something that could give me just a little more cash per month!

So I applied, and applied, and applied.  And I didn't get called time, after time, after time.  So finally, I applied at Key Research, and today, I turned in my application and got interviewed.  GUESS WHAT!!!!! I GOT THE JOB!!!

Okay, so its not all that hard to get a job there.  But still, I really needed this and Keith and I were leaving the final decision up to fate.  We decided that if I got this job, we would DEFINITELY buy the house!  So I got it and WE GET TO BUY THE HOUSE!!!

We are psyched!!

Great starter home no fixer upper...motivated seller
This is our cute ALMOST house!!!

We will keep you updated on the happenings!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Freaky Friday!

I love Friday's! It's the end of the week, and its FINALLY the weekEND!

(I know that was redundant)

Anyway, so today has been a strange day... some good some bad..

Class was cancelled (GOOD!) I fell in the snow (bad) yesterday I cracked my phone screen (Bad) I saw that I had 691 page views on this blog (AWESOME!!!!!!)

So in honor of this strange day, and the people that have viewed my page 691 times...




Ladies and gentlemen!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tasty Treats Thursday

I hate thursdays, for a variety of reasons, this semester it is because on Thursdays I have the WORST class. FIT FOR LIFE... and its the activity day... I am not an athlete, and that is just fine with me! But, there are some mean girls in my PE class that think that it is the end of the world if we don't win a silly game of Fit for Life wallyball.  Anyway, I hate it, so to make Thursdays more bearable.  I have decided to start a tradition on the blog.

Every Thursday I will cook something, or make something I see on Pinterest and then blog about it!

Today, I will blog about dinner last night :)

I LOVE Roasted Potatoes.

My momma used to make them when she was too tired to make anything extravagant.  So, I decided to make them for Keithy.

I thought I would try my own recipe cause I'm trying to become better in the kitchen ;)

So, I found this recipe, and decided to change it up a little

Busy Wife's Taters

6 Small Red Potatoes
1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil (cause we're trying to eat a little better)
1 Tbls Minced Garlic (we bought the already minced kind)
1/2 tsp dried basil
1/2 tsp dried dill weed (Keith laughed when I asked him to pick that up)
1/2 tsp thyme
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1/2 tsp dried parsley
1/2 tsp salt

1. Preheat Oven to 400 degrees
2. Clean and Cube potatoes (don't peel them, we love the skins on the red potatoes)
3. Mix the olive oil, garlic, basil, dill weed, thyme, oregano, parsley, and salt in a large bowl.
4. Stir in the potatoes a handful at a time until all the potatoes are coated.
5. GREASE THE PAN!! (We didn't, and we regretted it)
6. Spread the potatoes out onto a baking sheet or a roasting pan in a single layer.
7. Put 'em in for 40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes so all sides are brown and delicious!
8. EAT THEM!!! They're soo good!

We should have taken a picture, but they were just too delicious, they were gone before we had a moment to take a picture!

Good Times in the Bloggesphere

Today, I have been trying to get up on top of things in the blog world and I have found a lot of blogs I really like!   I also found a few awesome giveaways!

This one is my favorite so far! Check it out!!
Saturday, January 19, 2013

I am so blessed.

So I haven't made a whole lot of deep, profound posts. But this morning I am feeling both deep and profound so hold on, this is going to be a good one.

I am truly such a blessed person. There are a lot of things that have happened in my life (both good and bad) that have made me realize that. My logic in life is that you can never know true happiness unless you have felt true sorrow. It's true sometimes life throws so much at you that you just don't know how to take another step. And then you take it, and everything else falls into place. So yeah. Life is hard, it's supposed to be hard, if it wasn't hard, if everyday there wasn't some struggle we face, why would we be here?

As most of you know, a few years ago, in February of 2009 my mom, my best friend and my hero, was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I found this out, I couldn't even stand up, my mom, the strongest person in the world, the woman who had protected me and taken care of me for my whole life, was now in immediate danger. At this moment. I was terrified that I might lose my best friend. Everything else I was stressed or worried about, school, mean girls, rumors, it all flew out the window and seemed like such a silly, trivial minor detail. My best friend was very sick, and there was nothing medically I could do for her. I felt helpless and scared. But then I thought, if you feel this way, imagine how helpless and scared mom feels. For her I knew I had to be strong, to be brave, and to help her with everything I could for as long as she needed me. It was a long 6 months of chemo, and an even longer 6 months of radiation, but at last it was over and my mother was in remission, this February will be her 4th year cancer free. She is almost considered "cured". I know that I will never again take her for granted. She is the most amazing person on this planet. She is my best friend, and the person I turn to for everything. She is my hero. She, is my mom.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing role model in my life, if I am half the mom to my kids as she is to me, I'll know in doing just fine.

Another experience that has made me realize how blessed I am is my wonderful husband. Keith is so amazing. Yesterday we watched the very last episode of Everybody Loves Raymond on Netflix, I started thinking about how we started watching Raymond when Keith broke his arm and we had to sleep on the living room floor on two separate air mattresses because he kept rolling towards me to cuddle and I'd hurt his arm.

If you don't know what happens in the last episode of Raymond, he has to get his adenoids out, and he had a hard time coming out of anesthesia. For just a moment, Deb thought she had lost him.

Seeing this brought me back to that moment that we got in that stupid accident. I was going too fast, and I should have slowed down. My first thought was "did Keith get off the four wheeler?" I knew that if he hasn't he would certainly have been badly injured. Then I heard him saying my name. He picked me up, and then he saw his wrist, and I saw his wrist. It was broken, badly. And we were at the top of the mountain. Thankfully Keith's uncle and dad and Maria and Tammy were there, I got on with Tammy and Keith got on with Dennis and we made our way down the mountain. When we got to the hospital Keith was in so much pain. Seeing him like that was the most awful experience in the world. All I could do was hold him. Then they sent us to Payson because the break was too bad for them to fix. Keith now was aware he would have to go under anesthesia, he was so scared. He had never had surgery before and he was afraid. We got there and they let me hold his hand until he fell asleep. Then we say in the waiting room for what seemed like an eternity. I laid my head on my mom and just cried. Emotion was overflowing. I was in pain from the accident, I was so sorry that I wrecked the four wheeler, and I was SO worried about Keith. After an eternity, the nurse came out and asked if I would come back, I was scared because she didn't say that he was awake. Just that I should go back to the recovery room. When I got back to the room I saw Keith laying there still asleep. The nurse told me that he was still asleep and he was having a hard time waking up. He woke up for a moment before the nurse came to get me, and asked for his wife (we had only been married like 3 weeks so I was excited about the wife thing). He i talked to him. He started to wake up, seeing him, seeing that he was okay. That made everything else okay too. I am blessed. Soooo very blessed.

And lastly, (though it should have been firstly) I am blessed because I was a blessing, blessed because I was chosen, picked for this wonderful, fabulous life that I have.  I was adopted by the most wonderful family. And I love them all so much!

and I have a great father who I love so much, he certainly
keeps me on my toes.

My life is like that Martina McBride song Blessed

Sorry for such a long blog post.

Happy Saturday

Friday, January 18, 2013

Guest Post!

In case you weren't aware, April asked me to guest post on her blog Hansen love yesterday!.  Please feel free to check it out here!  :)  Happy Friday!

P.S. I'm going ice skating tonight, I'll let you know how that turns out!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Life These Days

It has been an enormously long weekend, but now I'm sad its over.

I went to an ItWorks Wrap Party on Friday night and it was amazing! I got wrapped (best $25 I've ever spent!) I've lost 18 inches in the last 72 hours.

I have pictures... but I feel a little awkward posting them, so just imagine... me minus 18 inches!

I will definitely be doing another wrap soon, I'm loving this weight loss journey! Soon I'll be confident enough to post before and after pictures!!! :)

Life is crazy busy, working, school... etc.

I'm taking a quilting class this semester and I am SO excited about it!  I picked out fabric on Saturday (we were supposed to go to Provo, but it snowed like a foot, so for safety reason's we cancelled our trip.)  But I found some cute material (well as cute as you can get at the Walmart with the LEAST amount of EVERYTHING!)

My fabric
What do you think?

I think it has serious potential, don't worry, I will keep you updated.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Thank the lord above, it is FRIDAY!

... and now, that song will be stuck in your head... FOREVER!!!

You're welcome!!

Any who...  Tonight I'm going to an ItWorks Wrap Party, I don't know a whole lot about it but people tell me that its this easy...

They lather me with goo, wrap me up in Saran Wrap, then I sit for a while, they unwrap me, and I weigh less.  good idea?  GREAT IDEA!!! I'll post before and after pictures, since I know you're all DYING to see that


Have a great weekend.

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Valentines Swap

Thanks to my awesome LL April, who is a great blogger over at Hansen Love and keeps on top of the bloggesphere, I was made aware of this super awesome Valentines Swap for Bloggers.  I entered, and you should too!!!  :)  It will be fun, you can get an excellent Valentine from someone AWESOME! :)


So Enter!!

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Comment, like it, post it, whatever!! :)
Saturday, January 5, 2013


Can you believe it?  It's 2013!!! So much has happened this year.  I must say, this has most definitely been the best year yet!

Let's take a look at 2012 in review

January: No pictures from January. But from what I remember:

Started my second semester at Snow College.  Spent a lot of time with my friends Kylee and April planning Kylee's wedding.  Threw a bachelorette party and a bridal shower.  Saw beauty and the beast in 3D. (it was AWESOME).

Kylee Got MARRIED!
Somehow this is the only picture I have of that day
April got engaged!!

And for valentines day, we went to the Lady Antebellum concert,  No pictures from that either cause I lost my phone!  I was hoping for a ring... and hoping and hoping!!!

Keith gave me this super cute

Nothing too extraordinary happened in march... 

April was a great wonderful awesome month!!!
It was Easter time
Kellie got Roxie Dear!
this is where it was
Me and April were both engaged!

The girls I work with got me balloons!

I drew an awesome picture of Keith..

May was pretty exciting!!  

Keith proposed to this piece of cake..

Mom got a van

April got married!!!! YAY!!!

got stuck in the sheep on my way to work.

I hung out with Mazee (she turned 2), and planned a wedding

Kellie and I attempted Lemon Bars for my bridal shower, and failed

I had 2 awesome bridal showers!!!


facebook reminded me I was getting married
It was way hot and I was way worried  I would fry at my wedding

Keith and Kayla Woolsey... 8.1O.2O12

also in August:  Kayden and Jill got Engaged :) woot!

September was a not so good month.  :(  

Keith broke his poor arm.... I was driving the four wheeler. 
Broken arm, surgery.... yuck
Mazee made fun of him, a lot
Ricky and Lynnzie got married!!! yay!!

What an eventful month!!

Photo: It's fall! My hubby bought me a cocomotion! And we're crock potting
making the best of the fall :)
lovin the Mazee
Kayden and Jilly Bean got married :)


red lipstick cause Taylor Swift's new CD came out

November was a season of firsts.  

Photo: Whatchoo mean no more ho hos???
Hostess went out of business :(((((


and of course, thanksgiving

December was amazing :)
Photo: Messiah with the hubby :) Sunday night date night #christmasspirit #georgefredrichhandel #ancientchristmastradition
WE saw the Messiah
We decorated our house, it was so fun

We played fun games on Christmas with our siblings :)

We lived through the end of the Mayan Calendar.  

We survived the end of Twinkies

And life is good :)

 and went out with a bang!!!

Join me now by WELCOMING....



I just know that this will be the best year yet!

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