Saturday, February 9, 2013

Passionate, Loving, Persistent.

*{DISCLAIMER}* This post nay get a little "ranty" if you are offended... Sorry I'm not sorry :)  Keep reading.

Why the title?  Cause those are three words that I would use to describe myself.  There are a few things that I feel VERY passionately about, on these things.  You REALLY don't want to mess with those things.

Those things are:
1. My Family.
2. Breast Cancer.
3. My Family.

Mix those things together and you have a WHOLE mess on your hands. I recently received one of those stupid facebook messages that always go around this time of year. "Post this country if your birthday is in this month, and then the date (23) is the number of months" or some such nonsense.  and then it says "Shh Don't tell the boys... it will spread awareness for breast cancer."

Well I was fed up with this message because A. If you can't tell anyone what the message is for, then it is not really spreading awareness right? B. How does posting "I'm going to Germany for 23 Months spread Breast Cancer awareness? and C. Boys can get breast cancer too. So keeping them out of the loop is excluding people who can be affected.  I posted a status about it.

Kids. Those silly messages that are going around "I'm going to Germany for 23 Months." They're silly. They don't show awareness for breast cancer. They are just obnoxious. Wanna do some good? Participate in a Breast Cancer Fundraiser. Contact Susan G. Komen for the cure and see what you can do there. Run a race for the Komen foundation. Donate to a cancer research center. THOSE things make a difference. Posting a nonsense status about a nonsense vacation doesn't do ANYTHING.

Thats all.

Love you all, Just had to vent

Surprise?! People got pissed.  Cause some people are looking for a fight.

Well like I said, I am passionate about a few things in life.  If you know me, you know that my Mom had breast cancer a few years ago.  And you may also know that it was the hardest time on my entire life.  To see my best friend and hero struggle like that was absolutely horrid.

I have done a lot in the last 4 years to spread breast cancer awareness and help the awareness/cure cause as much as I could.  I had a yardsale and donated 100% of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I have also participated in multiple Susan G. Komen Race for the Cures. as well as other cancer foundations like Relay for Life.

This, I am so passionate about.

For someone (who shall remain anonymous-because I'm not a bitch) to tell me on facebook that maybe some if us you know like to do that kind of stuff. it's pretty rude to just post stuff like that on face book. I did it and IM sorry I don't have time to do fundraisers, but seeing how my grandma got breast cancer and I'll most Likly have it yeah IM going to post something about it

Just don't.  Just don't post that.  Just let me say that I think its stupid.  Just keep scrolling, cause if you don't.  I GET PISSED.  and let me tell you, I can outsmart, and outspeak you.

So.  Before you repost these stupid games.  Just don't.  Don't believe me?

I researched (because I don't like to be wrong) it and what do you know, people who currently have Breast Cancer, as well as survivors think these posts are dumb.

this post is from a person who has stage 4 breast cancer.  The title?  Breast Cancer is NOT a facebook game.  I agree.

So I'll leave you with this.
This is what I told anon. after they posted the last comment.:

Then post Check Yourself  Early detection is the key. My Mom had breast cancer as well and I am an a Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate to the max. There are other ways to show that you are aware, and to spread awareness. Posting a bogus status about a mysterious vacation doesn't show awareness. Unless you know about the message. It is just a silly status. It doesn't help anyone at all. Thanks for your time.

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