Friday, February 28, 2014

Oscar Predictions 2014

It's that time again, The Academy Awards air Sunday!

After much research and studying, I have decided on my Oscar Predictions for this year.

Best Picture
My Prediction:  Gravity.  As much as I love Leonardo DiCaprio.... I think best picture should go to Gravity.  Sandra Bullock... BLEW ME AWAY in this movie.  When I first saw a preview for it. I was like... what?  She just floats around in space?  But THEN... I saw the movie.. I was amazed, totally entranced for the whole 2 hours... edge of my seat. It was amazing.

Best Actor in a Leading Roll
 My prediction:  I am hoping with all my heart that this is Leo's year.  He has been cheated out of so many academy awards, and he is SOO deserving of it.  (I love him...)  So I'm hoping this one goes to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Best Actress in a Leading Role
My prediction: Sandra Bullock in Gravity is my hope, although... I don't think anyone can beat out Meryl for any academy award.  She's the queen.  So officially, I HOPE for Sandra, but I predict Meryl Streep

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
My prediction:  I love me some Bradley Cooper, he is a fine piece of man candy.  However, I think that Jonah Hill will take this one.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
 My prediction: It would be a crime for J-Law not to win this one.  She is simply amazing.  Plus, its always so fun to hear her acceptance speeches :)  So. Jennifer Lawrence for best Actress in a Supporting Roll.


Best Costume Design
My prediction:  The Great Gatsby. Part of the reason I loved this movie so much was the costumes.  I was so amazed at the accuracy and authentic costumes.  Plus.. GREAT movie!

Best Animated Feature
My prediction: FROZEN. Simply because it is the greatest movie I have seen since The Little Mermaid.  Loved every second of it.  Loved the music, loved the story, loved the morals, loved everything about it. Although, I do think that Despicable Me 2 deserves an Honorable Mention.

Best Original Score
My prediction: Saving Mr. Banks. Loved every moment of this film.  Loved the music the most.
Best Original Song
My Prediction: Let It Go. Obviously.  Everyone knows it, loves it, and sings it.
I know I skipped some, they were the ones I had no opinion on.
I'll be watching the Oscars with my hubby on Sunday.  I'll let you know how it goes.
Who are you predicting for Oscars this year?
Tuesday, February 25, 2014

31 weeks

WOO! We made it to 31 weeks.  We are now COUNTING down in the single digits!  Only 9 weeks to the due date!!

So excited to see my little Jack-O-Lantern.  I wanna kiss him, and cuddle him, and blow up Instagram with pictures of him (if you follow me, beware, I will be that mother that posts 10000 pictures of her baby on Instagram and Facebook. You have been warned)

Since we are so close, I am definitely in the "nesting" phase, I've scrubbed my whole house top to bottom... Literally, on my hands and knees with a scrub brush...

We got a new-to-us couch from a friend last week, and it was in need of some SERIOUS TLC.

Lucky for this girl, I have a handy mother and husband who fixed it in no time.  Then it was just up to me to clean it.  Let me tell you, I am SOOO pleased with the results.  It is microfiber and was way dirty... I found several cool tricks to clean it up!

But that is a post for another time.. Check back Thursday, and I'll inform you on that ;)

I would love your opinions, I'm going to do an upcoming blog post on advice I've been given for raising a baby...  What is the best/worst advice you were given, and what advice would you give me?

For now, here is a baby bump picture

31 weeks and feeling huge!  My belly button is almost ready to pop out... Keith is really excited for that to happen, he calls it the turkey timer :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Helpful Hints for Raising a Boy?

So you all probably know I'm having a boy, Jack.

When I first got pregnant, I had always pictured me with a girl first.  Probably because I am a girl, and I thought I would know what to do with a girl.

I'm having a boy, and let me just admit to you, I am a little nervous.  Like  a lot nervous.

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to teach my son, and what I wish more boys knew.

I work at a High School, so I see a lot of ill-mannered boys every day.  I hope Jack never turns out as naughty as some of these boys, or as disrespectful.

That is one of my worst pet-peeves.  When kids are disrespectful, and sometimes just plain RUDE.

There is this one boy that goes here that is particularly bad.  The other day, I was talking to one of the girls that I knew even before I worked here, and we were talking about how I am the luckiest because my husband helps so much (Keith cooks (ALL THE TIME) and cleans, and helps with everything around the house... except laundry, but that's mostly because I won't let him do the laundry...)

When this boy heard that, he said, out loud, that girls now-a-days expect everything to be handed to them, and they don't want to do anything anymore, they just want men to do it for them....  UMMM EXCUSE ME?!?

I think it is equal opportunity, especially in a house where both parents work outside of the home, no one spends more time at home than the other, and even if there was a stay-at-home mom involved, she has to take care of the kids ALL DAY. The spouse could surely help out when he got home.

Hopping off my soap box, I have started compiling a list of things I want to teach Jack, so he is not one of those rude disrespectful, mean, sexist children.

1. There is no such thing as "woman's work" or "man's work"  It is family work that everyone should help with.

2. Say please, and thank you.

3. When you need help, ask for it, politely, and then pay attention and help the helper help you.  This is how you LEARN!

4. Boys who cook are the coolest.

5. Boys who clean are even cooler.

6. Always be clean and well groomed.  No one likes a slob.

7. Accept others as they are.

8. Never EVER call anyone names.  Words hurt so much more than actions sometimes.

9. There is a time and place for playing.  Learn what it is, and when you should just sit down and behave.

10. If you love or appreciate someone, tell them, and tell them often.  You never know when the opportunity will pass.

Do you have anything more to add?

What do you wish more kids knew?

What did you teach your son?

Also... here's a bump picture :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What I've been pinning...

Everyone loves pinterest.

Especially me...

I am addicted to pinterest, still, even though usually I get involved in a fad, like twitter for example, and I go really strong at it for like 2-3 months, and then the excitement kind of dies out.

Not pinterest, not for me

Obviously, I pin a lot of baby stuff.
This is my favorite baby pin of the week. (click on picture to link to pin)
I'm obsessed with newborn pictures,  I just want our little guy to be here so we can take some!
I'm thinking a little ahead, I keep seeing the cutest grandma gifts for mothers day, and Jack will be here right in time to celebrate both of his grandma's and his momma's first mothers day.  So I'm thinking if I make a few of these (2) of these for the grandma's in my life.  I would have them all ready to go when the time comes.  (Click on picture to pin it)

I pin a lot of quilt stuff.  I love to quilt.  This is the quilt I am working on right now.  Mine looks quite a bit different.  But I really wanted to make a lone star quilt because I saw one my Grandma made and it was gorgeous.  Plus, its a GREAT way to use up scraps.  I'll post a picture when I'm done.
(again, click on the picture to pin it)

P.S. I'm 30 weeks today!  Thank goodness we're almost done.
I'm sick of being pregnant. I know what you're thinking, I still have 8-10 weeks left...

When did you get sick of being pregnant?

Bump Picture?

Okay, if you insist.. :)

What are you pinning?

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

29 Weeks... and counting

Holy cow, can you believe it!?!   We are on the downhill slide!

Only "11" weeks left.  Although the likelyhood is we don't have that long. I'm hoping little baby Jack makes his debut a week before the due date.  April 18th is Good Friday and ever since we found out I was pregnant that date has stuck out in my head.  I'm hoping its a sign that he will make his debut on that day.

So a little update on life at 29 weeks pregnant...

  • Morning sickness has all but disappeared, I only throw up once, or twice a week. (which for me is a HUGE advancement)
  • The above may be true, unfortunately, now my hips, sciatic nerve, and back are KILLING (I'd almost rather throw up)
  • Feet are the size of swollen sausages. ALL THE TIME.  I have started taking slippers to work because my feet swell up so much I have to take my shoes off so I can feel my toes.
  • I also feel like I have a cold.  All the time.  I asked my Dr. about it and he said its from the extra estrogen in my body, it produces a lot of mucous.  So I'm constantly blowing my nose. 
  • I am LOVING the kicks, and punches, and feeling my precious cargo moving.
  • He especially likes to kick all night long.  From the moment I lay down in bed, to the moment I wake up. My little kick-boxer is kicking and punching.  
  • Jack has recently discovered my ribs.. That hurts... 
  • Heartburn is a way of life.
  • I love watching Keith love him already.  He always holds my tummy and waits for him to kick.  He also reads stories to him at night.  Jack loves that.  
Loving life, loving all of it.

Only 10ish weeks left!

So excited to see my darling little boy.

He's going to be the cutest little bug in the whole world!


And now, a bump picture...


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