Friday, November 15, 2013

Blogg-ity blog blog

Okay, I am really going to give this some effort this time.  I started a new job in August, and we also found out we are PREGNANT in September.  So, we have been busy.  I miss blogging a lot however, and I really want to start again.

So, if you, my readers promise me that you will continue to read about my simple, mundane life, I, Kayla promise to TRY to update this bloggy once a week.

So.  You may have to e-mail me.  But I promise that I will try to keep it updated.  Especially with this adorable bundle of Joy coming our way in April!!

I know you're all wondering… WHAT IS SHE HAVIN?!?! a he or a she… well my friends, for that.  You will have to wait.

We are having a gender reveal party tonight at 6 PM where we will tell our families.  They're going to be so surprised.

Can I just say, I am a terrible secret keeper.  I hate secrets, and normally, I end up telling my mom before I get to reveal the secret but I am getting better.

Last year, my mom's family gave her and my dad a cruise to Hawaii for Christmas. I was responsible for gathering all of the contributions and keeping it a MEGA secret from my mom and dad.  I almost spilled the beans a few times, but I made it all the way to the end, and the secret was semi-spoiled by mom's work friend.

Anyway, I kept the pregnancy a secret for a while too.  But soon I couldn't wait any longer and we told all of our parents.

So now, I've only had to keep this gender secret for ONE day… and I feel like I could burst at the seams! I just want to tell the whole universe so I can go buy cute baby related things for my bouncing baby (and boy was it bouncing yesterday when we saw it on the ultrasound)

So now for names, for those of you that care…

BOY: Jack David Woolsey 
Jack, after my Grandpa John Henrie (everyone called him Jack not sure why)  
and David… is Keith's first name and his dad's name

GIRL: Lily Jane Woolsey
Lily, cause I've always loved that name
and Jane… is obviously my mom's name

Okay. I'll fill you in on gender tomorrow.. or next week… We'll see


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