Wednesday, January 20, 2016

MistleToe Mall: The FLOP of a lifetime. {DoodleBug}

The first weekend in November (I think the actual dates vary), we arrived at Gunnison High School, ready to set up for the "biggest craft fair in Sanpete"  It is actually a series of craft fairs because just across the football field, there is another craft fair called "November Fest"  We were promised that this is a big one, and lots of people come to buy.

We were excited, we were ready, we were determined, and we had some very cute stuff!

I made another Pallet Tree

And a lot of other stuff, that I failed to get pictures of.

We set up, and left for the day (central checkout, we didn't have to be there)

We came back that night to put things to bed for the evening, and we had sold 1 little wooden car... that wasn't even ours, a friend of ours let us take some of his stuff to the fair, so that we could fill up our space.  And Keith's mom had sold a few hats and things.

We had not sold a single one of our crafts... There was, however, several other craft booths, hand painted crafts that had been around a long time.  Still, we didn't give up hope.

We came back the next day, set up some more stuff, and went home to wait... Still, we had not sold a SINGLE thing!

At the end of the craft fair.  We made no money...  I was feeling a little defeated, but I knew that this was something we really wanted to do. But if we were going to lose money... was it worth it?  We don't really have money to just throw away.

So we took a break, we kept making things because it was fun, and we liked to do it together.  We still sold some stuff on my personal facebook page.  But it was mostly for fun.

Then, one day in January, I came home from work and Keith said, "I signed us up for a craft fair in Fairview on Valentines weekend."

I was determined this was going to be a good one.

I made a facebook page for us "DoodleBug designs" was born, I got us business cards, and there we went.

More on the Chocolate Festival Later :)

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