Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A strong foundation {DoodleBug}

Ha, look at that title, aren't I punny. :)

So... a few things we've made.

We started simple, the first year we were married, I was determined to be a cute little crafty homemaker. Pinterest had just gotten big, and I was into it deep.

Christmas time came rolling around and I had been to a craft show and seen the cutest christmas tree made out of a wooden pallet, it looked something like this 

Cute right, I thought so too, so I went home, sent Keith to my parents house to get a pallet, and began designing.

I drew lines, and made Keith cut them with a jigsaw.

I loved the one I saw at the craft fair, but I didn't want to copy it exactly, and I had seen another craft that was a christmas tree made of song lyrics.


I cut the vinyl on my Cricut (which I have since abandoned cause I hated it... more on that later?)
and finished product.....

I loved it, thought it was perfect... but then Keith told me we should make more, and sell them or give them as gifts... I made another one...

But this time... I added lights!

I thought it turned out great!

I posted it on my facebook page and listed I was selling them $25 for no lights $30 with lights.

I sold 15.

That is when I knew...  I could make a little extra cash on the side, doing something I love...

And DoodleBug was born... of course then, its wasn't called doodlebug designs... it wasn't called anything, I just made stuff and sold it on my facebook page.

Wood stuff with vinyl on it.

I loved it.


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