Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fairview Chocolate Festival {doodlebug}

We drove up to Fairview to deliver our Application and booth fee.

We drove past the Peterson Dance Hall where the event was to be held.

Then we went home and crafted like the wind.

We decided painted things sell better than pure vinyl.  So we took up handpainting.

This was our booth.  I was proud of it, I thought it turned out very good, and I thought we had a ton of stuff.

We sold the first item of the day.  (The blue anchor on the gold and white background)

Then we sold a whole BUNCH of stuff after that.  We made our money back, plus a little at this craft fair.  And thats when I knew.  This was what I wanted to do.

(please note, in the picture above, Keith arranged the letters on the table and spelled "Bless" wrong)


Our first successful craft fair!

Next was the Snow College Swap Meet.

More on that tomorrow!

A few pictures :)

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