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6 Things to Know... Before You Get to Snow

Most of you know I am a Snow College Badger!  I also work in the Registration Office at Snow.  In my time here, I have learned a lot.  So I'm going to share my knowledge with you.  

6 Things to Know
Before you go to Snow
  1. Credits DO NOT = Classes!!
    In high school if you're taking 7 classes, USUALLY, you are enrolled in seven credits, you may only be enrolled in 6.5 or 5. In college, this is VERY different.  Each Class varies in credit from, 1-5 credits, so you could take 2 classes and have 10 credits!  (Credit: estimated number representing the amount of time, energy, and the value of a class) Remember this when registering, someone I know here at Snow told me, only take as many credits as you know you'll have time to study for.  They recommended you spend 2 hours study time for every credit a class is worth.  I took 18 credits my first semester at Snow and it was a disaster!!! The next semester I took 12, and life is much more manageable.  
  2. Take Required Classes First
    Here at Snow College, and at every other college/university, there are some really dumb required classes, my least favorite here at Snow.... FIT FOR LIFE!!! (aka PE 1096) I hate it.  There is no reason that that particular PE class has to be required when a Sewing/Cooking/Cleaning class is not required (okay... I'll get off my soapbox.)  So, if there is a specific general ed class that is required that you REALLY don't want to take, take is as soon as you possibly can! I didn't take this gem of advise,  I registered for it my second semester, and then decided I'd take it online... then the next semester I dropped it again, and again, and now, here we are, my last semester and now... there is no out... I HAVE to take it.  I should have just gotten it over with early.... Don't make the same mistake I did... Take it first!
  3. Register EARLY!
    I've only ever gone to Snow, so I don't know if this applies to other institutions. But, here at Snow we you can register according to the number of earned credits you have (Earned Credits: The number of credits you have EARNED, finished and with a grade.) So the more credits you have the sooner you get to register.
    So, having said that, find out how many earned credits you have, and what day you can register. Plan your classes BEFORE that day.  Then, on the morning you can register WAKE UP EARLY, get online and register (I believe registration starts at 8 AM) Classes fill up incredibly fast, especially core classes like Math (especially Math 1050) and Human Biology (BIO 1050) classes.  Register for these first.
  4. You Can Add a "Full" Class
    Now that I've told you that classes fill up fast.  This DOESN'T mean when that class is full there is no hope for you to take that class from that specific teacher that specific time in that specific semester.  If a class is full online, or it says there is a "test score or pre-requisite error" don't worry. Find an ADD/DROP card (you can get them either in the Registration Office (GSC 2nd Floor North East Corner) or the Advisement Office (North West Corner)) Then take that to the instructor and 9/10 times. They will sign you into the class.  If there is a pre-requisite error and you don't think there should be, go to Advisement or Registration, sometimes a test score or a previous class won't show up online to the add/drop system.
  5. Don't Lose Your ID Card!
    This is the stupidest thing that I even have to put this on here.  But... It happens to the best of us.  I know that $10 for a new card seems cheap, but if you just keep track of the old one...  YOU CAN SAVE TEN DOLLARS!!!  Also, there are signs everywhere, but you really need to know that if you punch a hole in your card. It won't work.  It freaks out the computer chip and it won't work, you'll have to pay for a new one.  Also.  If you snap your card in half.  YOU will have to pay for another one.  No, the registration office WILL NOT "just print you a new one."
  6. If You Don't Know Something, ASK!!
    This one seems self explanatory   Just ask if you have questions, the professors and faculty are really usually nice.  Just be nice to them! and they'll be nice to you!
And now you know, 6 things before you get to Snow!  

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