Thursday, January 28, 2016

Odds and Ends {doodlebug}

I know I've already posted about custom orders, but we truly love custom orders, they are our favorite types of signs/decor to do.  S

Some people see something on pinterest that sparks an idea, they tell us their idea, and we do what we can to make it come true.  That being said, for the most part, we don't like to copy things EXACTLY because we know that people work hard to make things, and to copy it exactly, colors, fonts, style is disrespectful. Usually when we get a custom order for a request off of pinterest, we change fonts, colors, and style, but may use the same quote or certain elements of it.

Other people just have an idea in their head, but they're not sure how to make it come true.  That's why we are here!  If you have an idea for home decor, let us know!  We can make your idea a reality, cause man, you smaaaart, and you has some good ideas!

Ignore my messy floor, crafting is messy business
Custom order for one of our favorite customers ;)
Wedding sign, cause we love our cousins!
Door hanger
Keith made this for our door... I am in love with it
Home Sweet Home

Leash holder for our fur nieces!

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