Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shonda Rhimes: My Year of Saying Yes

So most of you know, I have an obsession with TED Talks.  I always listen to them at work while I'm updating, or doing paperwork, or ... basically anything I can do while staying within earshot of my computer.

I've listened to LOTS of Ted Talks.  Lots.  Like 2-4 a day, about any topic from depression, to art, to poetry, to science.  Lots of things.

You also may know, I love watching TV, Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural are my favorites, but I also enjoy a great variety of shows.  Coincidentally, most of the shows I love-- sans supernatural-- were created or produced by Shonda Rhimes, How to Get Away With Murder, and Greys Anatomy, I've very recently started watching Scandal.  She's great.

Getting off track; when I saw a TED Talk by Shonda Rhimes, I got excited.  She's amazing, responsible for HOURS and HOURS of television, and has taken part in some of the longest running, most influential TV programs of all time.

I started listening and was shocked at what I heard.

Please, take a minute (okay, take 19 minutes) and listen to this "titan" tell you about her "hum"

Also, how pretty is she?!  PERFECT SKIN!

You may think:  I thought this was a craft blog... Well it is.  Crafting helps give me my hum. DoodleBug Designs gives me joy, and the fact that I can do it with my family, gives me SO much happiness.

I just wanted to share this with you.  So if you are struggling to find your happy.  It may be able to help.
Thursday, February 4, 2016

Because you just never know

Because just because someone seems okay on the outside, doesn't mean they're okay on the inside.

Depression is so real

So so real, and it hurts so many, so badly.


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