Tuesday, March 18, 2014

34 Weeks Update... and the baby bump

34 weeks and counting!
That means we only have 4-6 weeks left!  
Things are starting to get REAL!  

(I hope you all sang that line in your best Europe voice)

My shower is this weekend, I am so excited.  My cute Sister-In-Law has planned the whole sha-bang, and I know its going to be awesome.

Looking forward to seeing lots of family! Thats always the best part about showers.

Keith is psyched, as always and continues to prepare for our little boy to join us.

Mazee however, is less excited.  I think she can tell that something is changing, and it is happening soon because she doesn't want anything to do with me.  She only wants Keith.

The other day, I picked her up from my parents house and brought her home.  I got home before Keith, so I just brought her with me.  She spent the hour before Keith got home running through the house looking for him.  Then after she ran through every room, she would go to the door and pout.  Then go look for him again.

I tried to hold her, and coax her to come sit on my lap, but no such luck.  She only wants Keith.

Have any of you had a fur baby, and then a human baby?  How did you help them adjust?

Okay, now onto the baby bump picture!

I feel like he is starting to drop, the bump looks smaller than 2 weeks ago for some reason...

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