Friday, March 8, 2013

Wishlist for 2013

My wishlist for 2013:

  • The Les Miserables DVD. So I can watch it EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!
  • This pantry door.  It's GORGEOUS, and would look SO great in my house!!
  • and last... but not least... I hope that by the end of 2013. I have either had, or am expecting a baby :) 
This is a tenative list, subject to change.. because I am a woman and I like to change my mind.  Keith promised he would buy me Les Mis. so anything after that is really just up to destiny... P.S. Les Mis comes out on the 22nd. I'm excited.  Please, listen to this song from the most wonderful musical in the history of the world.

So great... Love it. Everyone MUST buy this movie!  (and if you wanted to buy it for me, that'd be cool too)


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JaNae Norman said...

I love Les Mis! Such an amazing story.

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