Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm Dreaming Of a White Christmas!

Okay first of all, I need to thank someone... As all of you know, I am awful at blogging routinely, so my LL April Hansen who has a very, very cute blog. (find it here really though, check it out!) texted me last night, and reminded me, so I have her to thank for keeping me on track!  Thanks A! (you may have to text me routinely so I can keep up on things) ;)

It's true, I really am dreaming of a white, beautiful, majestic Christmas.... However, the possibility of that happening are looking quite dreary.  It did snow this weekend, we woke up to about a quarter of an inch on Saturday. But by the end of the day, it was all melted.  Today, it is about 50 degrees.  I seriously had to take my jacket off driving to work.  IN THE MIDDLE OF DECEMBER!

In other news, it is ALMOST Christmas. Only 7 (okay technically 8, but I'm optimistic) days left!

All of our hard work doing Christmas lights and outdoor decorations has been all for not.  I didn't even get a successful picture before our landlord hired someone to fix our soffit and fascia and build us a porch.  In order for the people to build, they took down our Christmas Lights.... sad. But hopefully, they will be done today, so we can fix them and turn them on again so Santa can find our house.

In other adventures, I heard that the world is suppose to end this week... When I was in third grade someone told me it was suppose to end in 2012, and I thought, man, its a good thing I will be like 100 then.. Surprise little tiny 9 year-old Kayla.  You are only 19. :)  My hypothesis, the world is not going to end.  But if it does. Know I love you all.  (But I promise I will be alive on December 22.)

I found this widget online, its pretty popular

So now you can all keep an accurate countdown.

This whole end of the world stuff is crazy, and people are literally going insane about it.

Jill and I decided to have a baking night on Saturday, we decided to make fudge, but before we decided that, we were looking for a recipe.  Keith was sitting in our recliner, and Mazee was being obnoxious and kept going behind the chair, Keith went to pick her up, and he FOUND A MOUSE!!! It was dead, and in my house!!! It was awful.  I put bags over my hand, and a towel over my face.  and I, the brave Kayla scooped it up, and threw it away!
Me gathering the evil mouse and throwing him away

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April said...

You're welcome. There is supposed to be a huge storm coming in tonight so maybe we'll have a white christmas. and yeah, i had my fan on at work today... horrible.

Kayla said...

You were right, huge storm, we definitely have a lot of snow now! I had to wear gloves yesterday! :) What a change!

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