Tuesday, February 11, 2014

29 Weeks... and counting

Holy cow, can you believe it!?!   We are on the downhill slide!

Only "11" weeks left.  Although the likelyhood is we don't have that long. I'm hoping little baby Jack makes his debut a week before the due date.  April 18th is Good Friday and ever since we found out I was pregnant that date has stuck out in my head.  I'm hoping its a sign that he will make his debut on that day.

So a little update on life at 29 weeks pregnant...

  • Morning sickness has all but disappeared, I only throw up once, or twice a week. (which for me is a HUGE advancement)
  • The above may be true, unfortunately, now my hips, sciatic nerve, and back are KILLING (I'd almost rather throw up)
  • Feet are the size of swollen sausages. ALL THE TIME.  I have started taking slippers to work because my feet swell up so much I have to take my shoes off so I can feel my toes.
  • I also feel like I have a cold.  All the time.  I asked my Dr. about it and he said its from the extra estrogen in my body, it produces a lot of mucous.  So I'm constantly blowing my nose. 
  • I am LOVING the kicks, and punches, and feeling my precious cargo moving.
  • He especially likes to kick all night long.  From the moment I lay down in bed, to the moment I wake up. My little kick-boxer is kicking and punching.  
  • Jack has recently discovered my ribs.. That hurts... 
  • Heartburn is a way of life.
  • I love watching Keith love him already.  He always holds my tummy and waits for him to kick.  He also reads stories to him at night.  Jack loves that.  
Loving life, loving all of it.

Only 10ish weeks left!

So excited to see my darling little boy.

He's going to be the cutest little bug in the whole world!


And now, a bump picture...

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