Friday, January 17, 2014

Pregnancy so far...

So I'm 25 weeks and 3 days.  (like my Dr. says, never underestimate the days.)

I've learned a lot the last 25 weeks.  Here is a list of just a few, and then I'll grace you with a baby bump picture (which I have not done much)

1.  Being Pregnant is hard.  The more you wanted to be pregnant before you were pregnant, the harder it is.

2. Morning Sickness is a VERY underestimated illness, and there should be some sort of vaccine or patch that makes it less terrible.

3. The first stretch mark on your belly is like... Devastating. I cried, yes, you are growing a human, yes it is SO okay, and even a little bit amazing that your body is changing to accommodate this new life that is growing inside of you, but still when you see that pink line, its like... a whole new shock.

4. Hearing/Seeing your baby every 4(ish) weeks at Dr. Appointments and Ultrasounds is amazing.   I don't try to be that sappy, crying type.  But all of the throwing up, the body aches, and YES even the stretch marks become worth it every time you see/hear your little life growing and living and moving inside of you.

5. The first time you feel your baby... Wow, this was a FREAKY feeling.  I was like... was that a gas bubble... no. Am I hungry? No... I guess that was the baby?  and then as your little baby grows stronger and bigger, you KNOW its your baby.  Right now as I'm typing this, I'm SURE little Jack knows I am talking about him. He is dancin' up a storm.  There is something so comforting about knowing you're not alone, that this little tiny person is growing inside of you, this little tiny life that you are responsible for. I love it.  Its so great.

6. Working while pregnant is not as terrible as some people told me it would be.  I think having an obligation to get up and work every day has helped me cope with the morning sickness. Plus... My job is kind of awesome...

7. While you're pregnant, you gain this whole new appreciation and respect for your mom.  Even though my mom didn't give birth to me.  She is my mom, and she loves me EVERY BIT as much as I love this baby (plus some probably) and she would drop EVERYTHING to help me, and to comfort me.  I call her with the weirdest, most awkward problems (we will talk about hemorrhoids later). And she is always so supportive and amazing.
-I also have gained a new appreciation for my birth mother.  How selfless she must have been to give me a better opportunity at life.  After feeling and hearing and seeing Jack, I know that it must have been a very difficult decision, and a very selfless one at that.

8.  Pregnancy=Hunger... ALL THE TIME. and that's okay.

9. Pizza is the most amazing food on the planet.  Keith keeps telling me that as soon as I have Jack I will never be able to look at a piece of pizza again.  Poor kid, I make him eat it like three times a week (minimum, ask him, he'll tell you every night).

10. When random strangers touch your belly. It is bound to freak you out.  I love it when friends and family and loved ones touch it. That is totally fine with me, but not kidding. On more than one occasion, a random stranger I have never in my life met, will run up to me and touch me.  It makes me sooo uncomfortable.  I have this undying urge to say.. I'm not pregnant, just so they will feel as awkward as they just made me feel.  It's weird.  And if you are one of the people who do this to poor unsuspecting pregnant women... consider what I have just told you, and hold in that urge.  It's weird.

So now you know 10 things I have learned since the beginning of my pregnancy.  There will be more, I promise :)

Onto the promised baby bump picture... For the first time....


Ignore the lighting, you know... dark bedroom :)

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