Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What I've been pinning...

Everyone loves pinterest.

Especially me...

I am addicted to pinterest, still, even though usually I get involved in a fad, like twitter for example, and I go really strong at it for like 2-3 months, and then the excitement kind of dies out.

Not pinterest, not for me

Obviously, I pin a lot of baby stuff.

This is my favorite baby pin of the week. (click on picture to link to pin)
I'm obsessed with newborn pictures,  I just want our little guy to be here so we can take some!

I'm thinking a little ahead, I keep seeing the cutest grandma gifts for mothers day, and Jack will be here right in time to celebrate both of his grandma's and his momma's first mothers day.  So I'm thinking if I make a few of these (2) of these for the grandma's in my life.  I would have them all ready to go when the time comes.  (Click on picture to pin it)

I pin a lot of quilt stuff.  I love to quilt.  This is the quilt I am working on right now.  Mine looks quite a bit different.  But I really wanted to make a lone star quilt because I saw one my Grandma made and it was gorgeous.  Plus, its a GREAT way to use up scraps.  I'll post a picture when I'm done.
(again, click on the picture to pin it)

P.S. I'm 30 weeks today!  Thank goodness we're almost done.
I'm sick of being pregnant. I know what you're thinking, I still have 8-10 weeks left...

When did you get sick of being pregnant?

Bump Picture?

Okay, if you insist.. :)

What are you pinning?

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Amy said...

So I don't get on pinterest very much but I did take a look for some cute valentine ideas and wow!... I'm still collecting so I can use them for next year. I think my favorite is "You're one in a Minion" and then you use a Twinkie to make a Despicable Me Minion! (My kids LOVED it too!) and super easy!

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