Friday, March 21, 2014

You're Human, so am I

Yesterday, I interviewed for a job that I wanted.  Don't get me wrong, I love my current job, but this job I was interviewing for was a pay raise and a good opportunity.

I felt like I did really well on my interview.

I went home and waited, 3 hours later, I got the call.

I didn't get it.

They chose someone else.

As a human, rejection of any kind is hard.  It is especially hard when you're hormonal, and pregnant, and felt like you did really, really, well in the interview.

So I cried.  Uncontrollably.  My husband hugged me, and tried to make me feel better, but I just needed to cry.

My mom bought me a Snow Shake from the cute new shack in town. And then I was done crying.

I know I did well, and I will do better next time.

Bonus, I get to keep my office, my job, and I get to continue working with the friends I've made at my current job.

I just thought I would share my motto with all of you.  Because its okay to cry.  It's okay to be sad, and have a melt down.  But then, when you're done crying.  You need to pack up your pity party and move on.

Happy Friday all.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there. The perfect job will come around when the time is right. Just be glad you have a job. Lots of people don't.

Anonymous said...

sometimes it's good to cry! I have those days too!

Kayla @ All You Need is Love said...

cry all you need you have a good listener and shoulders to cry on. keep on truckin

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