Friday, March 14, 2014

33 Week Update

Went to the Dr. on Thursday and our little sweet pea is growing like a champ, and is right on track with everything.

We are going every 2 weeks now, but our Dr. informed us yesterday that after the next appointment we will start going every week...  EVERY WEEK!!!

Do you know how close that makes us?

Way close.  I'm psyched!

I wanna meet our little guy so bad, My curiosity is getting the best of me.  I just wanna know what/who he looks like, and if he has hair, and whose nose he has etc.

Soon, Kayla, soon.

Meanwhile, here is a picture from our appointment yesterday.  Keith and Jack were playing Dinosaurs :)

I had to screen shot the facebook post so you could all see how sweet my husband is, and how great of a dad he is already.

I haven't taken a baby bump picture this week but I'll be sure to at 34 weeks.  

Keith and I are taking a few more maternity pictures this week.  So stay in touch to see those.

Here is my favorite of the ones Keith took last week.

I'll do a whole post on more maternity pictures after my shower. :)

And a post on my shower.


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