Monday, March 31, 2014

20 Things F.R.I.E.N.D.S Taught Me

Most of you that know me know I love the TV Show F.R.I.E.N.D.S

These are a few of the things I've learned from Friends.  Life's most important lessons I think.

  1. If you're "on a break" don't sleep with some girl from the coffee shop.
  2. If you want to escape a crazy person, tell them you're going to Yemen
  3. If you get stung by a jelly fish, someone will need to pee on you. 
    • and so you know, if he had to, Joey would pee on ANY ONE OF YOU!
  4. The best way to cheer someone up is to put a turkey on your head, with some over sized sunglasses, and dance around.
  5. It is not smelly cat's fault.
  6. If someone you care about writes you a letter, READ THE WHOLE THING, before agreeing.  Even if it is 18 pages FRONT AND BACK!
  7. Every person is entitled to a freebie list.
    • a list of 5 celebrities you could be intimate with if given the opportunity.
  8. Maternity pants are great for when the baby expands, but they are also good later for stealing melons from grocery stores.
  9. There are 7 erogenous zones. (Just ask Monica)
  10. Regina Phalange and Ken Adams are the best alias names.
  11. Too much Ms. Pac-Man will give you "the claw"
  12. The 3 most frightening words can easily be "OH MY GAWD" followed closely by "Chandalah Bing?!"
  13. When a point becomes invalid.  It is a "moo point" like a cow's opinion, it doesn't matter.
  14. Its okay to cry when you watch Titanic because those two only had each other!
  15. Everyone has a lobster.
  16. When you're picking team captains... Bunny Up!
  17. Love happens when you least expect it.
  18. You can change your name to anything you want.  Even Princess Consuela Bananahammock.
  19. Your friends are always there for you.
  20. Thanksgiving is never, ever peaceful, or uneventful. And that is okay.

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