Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bad Blogger, Lots To Tell

Lets face it.  I am a BAD blogger.  I cannot stay on top of things!!

So I have a lot to tell you since my last post!!

1.  I quit Key Research.  I hated it.  Worst. Job. Ever.  I couldn't stand sitting there for 8 hours a day.  Staring at a computer, getting hung up on, and talking to answering machines and/or rude people all day. I couldn't do it.  Oh and PLUS!!! You had to RAISE YOUR FREAKING HAND to go to the bathroom.  I'm an adult, and if I need to pee.  I shouldn't have to ask permission.

Yeah... it wasn't for me.

2. I started in the Deli at Walmart.  I know, most of you are thinking.  And you're OKAY with that? Don't belittle me.  I like it there, the people I work with are (MOSTLY) really great.  And we all have fun together (mostly). I mean I probably won't work at Wal*Mart forever.  But for now, its good.  I love in Sanpete, this is about the best employment opportunity I have :).  I'm pleased with it.  PLUS. I work with my brother.  That's a good time.

3. We bought a house!!! We haven't closed, but we are just waiting for all the paperwork.  We are supposed to close sometime the first week of March woo!! New HOUSE!!!

Now I wish someone would come pack up my house for me.  BOO MOVING!!! YAY NEW HOUSE!!

I found lots of tips ;) to help out though.

Cats make me laugh... A LOT, maybe we will get a cat??  Maybe

Okay now we are moving on to things that make me laugh out loud in the library.

I wish I owned this cat.

Seriously.  Laugh its good for you.  I'll try to blog again tomorrow :)

4 Thoughts:

April said...

You are now black.. african american (no one judge me)

Kayla Woolsey said...

YES!!! My life goal (CHECK!!!) Reverse Michael Jackson. What NOW!!! Looking at cat pictures makes me miss you. Come back!

April said...

come visit me and we can look at cat pictures again! :) good times. thank heavens for pinterest.

Kayla Woolsey said...

Come visit me!! You should come see our new house when we get moved in

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