Wednesday, February 27, 2013

14 Week Organization Challenge

I have stumbled upon a new favorite blog!  A Bowl Full of Lemons is an organization blog.  Last September she hosted a 14 Day Home Organization 101 "class"  I am WAY late.  But I still wanted to do it.  So I will!  I hope some of you will join me, or at least keep commenting on my posts so I can stay motivated.

Here is a list of the weeks and what you have to do.

.:14 Week:.
Home Organization Challenge
(Original Idea from Bowl Full of Lemons)

Week 1: Kitchen.
Week 2: Garage/Shed
Week 3: Pantry
Week 4: Office/Craft Room
Week 5: Laundry Room.
Week 6: Master Bedroom.
Week 7: Linen Closet
Week 8: Dining Room
Week 9: Kids Closet (His/Hers Closet)
Week 10: Living Room
Week 11: Playroom (Bonus room)
Week 12: Bathroom(s)
Week 13: Master Closets (all other closets)
Week 14: Mudroom/Entryway.

I don’t have a few of these rooms so I adjusted slightly.  I changed Dining Room to a Bonus Room (one of my guest rooms) and I also changed Kids Closets into our his/hers closets.  So that meant I had to change week 13 to all other closets. I also don’t have kids to play in a playroom (maybe one day) so I changed that to bonus room too.

I'll keep you updated 

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