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Guest Post From Hansen Love

Today, I asked April from Hansen Love to guest! She asked me to guest post a few weeks ago. You can find that article here. April has been my best fresty since 6th grade. I love her! But since we both got married and she moved away, we don't see each other much.  I miss her. :) we stay in touch though.  She's great and is my blogging inspiration.  

Ladies and Gentlemen... I give you...  April: Star of Hansen Love

Hello all!!! I am April Hansen, I am the founder, writer, and star of Hansen Love. Okay. I don't know about star, but it sounded cool right?? It is a lifestyle blog about my husband, Jake, and I. And our little adventures as newlyweds. Yeah yeah, I know. Another newlywed blog. But you have to admit you always get stuck reading them! ;)

Kayla asked me to guest post on her blog today and I am so excited. At first I couldn't think what in the world I could have to offer you that would be of worth. And then it finally hit me this weekend.
For Christmas, I gave Jake tickets to see George Straits concert. It is his last tour, and my dear sweet husband has been the biggest fan of George his whole life. Just a little background story, Jake is a farmer through and through. Going back through the line there are farmers as far as you can see. 

In fact his Grandpa Hansen (Gramps for short) owned a John Deere Dealership way back when. So yeah. Lots of farming. Jake grew up listening to George while herding cows with Gramps and his cousin Logan. He listened to George when he was out hunting with his Dad. He sang George to me when I was sick and we were dating. George is his hero. When he thinks of George, he thinks of all the good things that came when listening to him.

So... I took Jake to see his hero. His reaction was unbelievable ... 

He was so happy. And I was happy I got his reaction. :) haha

So If you hadn't caught on, I wanted to talk about my hero. And how she has changed my life.

This ladies and gentlemen, Is my Momma :)

Cliche' I know. But I wanted to share, along with Kayla about how my mom is my hero. 

This lady is the strongest woman I know. 

This is my family. And we sure have raised a lot of hell. My mom, and dad, put up with all of us kids. 

My  mom was diagnosed with Hepatitis C when I was young. really young. She had got it way back before she met my dad in a doctors office by accidentally pricking her finger. This changed our life and hers forever. 
Everything started catching up with her when I was in 6th or 7th grade. It started effecting her and she decided to go to the doctor and get treated for this. 

Tons of different kinds of medicines, many trips to Salt Lake, and a lot of prayers later she was down to one last medicine that was going to help her. 

I remember the night before she went to be tested to see if this last medicine worked. There I was in my bed. A little 12 year old, praying as hard as I could that this medicine would work. That I could have my mom there when I went to my first dance. That she would go prom dress shopping with me. That she would be there to kiss my cheek on my wedding day. 

The next day, we found out that this medicine was working. Great news right!?!?! yes.  It was much like going through cancer treatments. She had chemo, radiation, and also gave herself a shot every day. 

It was hard to see her lose weight and hair but still be able to go to work everyday and come home and cook for us. I learned a lot from my mom in the year that she was on that medicine. She is so very strong, and an amazing example to me. 

After a while of being on the medicine she decided that she would stay off of it for a while so she could live a normal happy life. Now that she is thinking of going back on it, it breaks my heart to know what it can put her through. 

But I know that she can do anything and that I will learn even more from her. 

My mom is a super mom. My hero. 

** I don't want to make this depressing or leave you feeling sad. So heres a little video to make you smile.

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So great, I love April and her mom is pretty awesome!!!  This Kid President rocks!!! Right?

Follow her! Follow me! :) Thanks for readin'!

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JaNae Norman said...

April, your mom is so strong. I'm sorry to hear that she is going back on the medication, but what a blessing it is to have her in your life.

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