Monday, January 14, 2013

Life These Days

It has been an enormously long weekend, but now I'm sad its over.

I went to an ItWorks Wrap Party on Friday night and it was amazing! I got wrapped (best $25 I've ever spent!) I've lost 18 inches in the last 72 hours.

I have pictures... but I feel a little awkward posting them, so just imagine... me minus 18 inches!

I will definitely be doing another wrap soon, I'm loving this weight loss journey! Soon I'll be confident enough to post before and after pictures!!! :)

Life is crazy busy, working, school... etc.

I'm taking a quilting class this semester and I am SO excited about it!  I picked out fabric on Saturday (we were supposed to go to Provo, but it snowed like a foot, so for safety reason's we cancelled our trip.)  But I found some cute material (well as cute as you can get at the Walmart with the LEAST amount of EVERYTHING!)

My fabric
What do you think?

I think it has serious potential, don't worry, I will keep you updated.

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April said...

Provo? when you do come up let me know!!!

Amanda Schroeder said...

Your fabric looks SO CUTE! I am not too crafty. But man! That post you did today .. that chair.. SO adorable. I love it i love it i love it!

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