Saturday, March 2, 2013

Harlem... who the hell gives a crap?

Okay.  So.. the harlem shake.  I'm over it.  It has HAD its 15 minutes of fame.  Now everyone stop talking about it.  It's not even that funny.  (or funny at all?)  Maybe I just don't get it.

But because I'm a true badger at heart. 

I had to post it.  I hate it.  But I'm a badger.  and I took a psychology class from Nick Marsing.  and he was the photographer at our wedding.  I am obligated. 

Enjoy the 1st and LAST Harlem (no one cares. It's a bunch of dancing weirdo's) Shake on AYNIL&A Dog. (new acronym ;) )

2 Thoughts:

Carmina Hughes said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha OH MY GOSH that was funny! I just thought it was because I took a class from Nick Marsing too in that very room! Lol oh gosh this made my day!! Thanks for sharing Kayla! :) I'm your newest follower! :) woot!

Evan Blair said...

haha I know the Harlem Shake is getting annoying to some people but I still think they're hilarious :)

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