Thursday, December 13, 2012

Long time no blog...

Once again, I have proven that my blogging dedication is sub-par.

I really need to make a blogging schedule and put it in my phone... "REMINDER: Blog at least once a week, I mean comeon! its not like blogging is a laborious task like... oh, I dunno, LAUNDRY!

There's an idea, once a week I will tell Keith that he has to do the dishes and the laundry cause I have to blog :) there's a thought! ;)  (I'll make sure to save the dirty undies for that day!)

Anyway so... for the last three months here is an overview!


Keith and I were in a four-wheeler accident (read previous post), Keith had to have surgery on his arm on 9-11 (he was really freaked out about the date) He was out of work for about 8 weeks in total, and it definitely took a toll financially, but as always, we are livin' on love.  He has a really intense scar that freaks me out every time I look at it.   -->

He has a huge, HUGE piece of hardware in his arm. The first thing he said to me when he woke up was:
"Kayla, can I still go on a plane? Or will they stop me in security?"
What a silly goose!

It was about an hour long surgery. We were all a little worried because the night he broke his arm, he had a reaction to the anesthesia, and didn't wake up for like 4 hours after they put him under.  But he woke right up after!
Keith the day after the accident: Mazee was his buddy, she never left his side, look how miserable they are.. :(
<--This is a cute picture of Keithy when he woke up and they let me go back to see him. What a cutie patooty! He was in high spirits the whole time, he even told our nurse that she was "the nicest EVER!" and that she reminded him of his best friend Kellie's mom, Laura.  (She really did though, it was cute!)  He was a trooper, he only took the pain killers for the first few days after surgery, and he always refused to take the whole dose.  He told me, Kayla, if I was all doped up, who would take care of you?  (He's such a sweetheart right?)   The doctor was amazed at how quickly he recovered.

They got matching Rat Fink hoodies,
they were excited, can't you tell?

October was exciting, Keith got to go back to work in the middle of the month, and then.. BIG NEWS: KAYDEN AND JILL GOT MARRIED!! On October 19, 2012. At the cabin. It was BEAUTIFUL! and I gained another sister, that puts the count up to 2 SISTERS! (and 2 Brothers) They went to Moab for their honeymoon, don't you love the "Just Hitched" Rhino Sign?
Keith and I had the awesome opportunity to take Jill's bridals, it was so fun! (this is a picture of my mom under Jill's dress saving it from going in the water while we were shooting!

Later in the month, we went to Tuacahn with Ricky and Lynnzie, to see Thriller, it was so great, I want to go back about a million more times!!!  It was amazing, I was entertained the entire time.

My favorite part? THE ZOMBIES!!! I FED TWO OF THEM!.. okay, let me explain, they did not eat my brain, I fed them my caramel corn :) :) it was so much fun.  ---> These are the zombies that we met after at Denny's (It was cool to see them, they remembered me).

Thanks Ricky and Lynn for inviting us and for everything you always do for us! WE LOVE YOU :)


Thanksgiving month, it was really quite uneventful, lots of paper work we had to fill out to get some assistance with medical bills (I mean come on, we just got married!)  We celebrated our three month anniversary, it was the first month we didn't have a Dr's adventure on our anniversary, or the say after.  It was fun, Keith made dinner (he's a great cook!).

We won this turkey at Gunnison Market because I was standing on number one... and then I went to the bathroom and made Keith stand on number one... So technically... I WON! :)   You can see Mazee is not impressed with my need to take pictures of everything, but I'm loving the iPhone with its handy dandy camera that can take pictures without that awkward... I can't see anything problem.

Other than that, we celebrated Thanksgiving at our house with Keith's parents.  (I made... umm the rolls?) and I bought a pie... OH yes, and I made a ham... Which I thought was gross cause it was a really cheap ham... but Keith liked it, and thats what matters!

We also got to put up our very own Christmas Tree and Decorations, in our (sort of ours, its actually our landlords but we live here, so its ours) home!!!

We were so excited about Christmas that the say after Thanksgiving we put our tree up, and the lights on our house were up before that!

That brings us to... DECEMBER... the best time of the year!

As most of you know, my mom is really NOT into Christmas, and I fear that did rub off on me just a little bit...  BUT my husband is like Ol' Saint Nick himself.. (okay, except that he is a bean pole) and he is full of the Christmas Spirit, he has really got me into it!  I was so excited to decorate our tree.... and I personally think it is the best one I have ever seen (not that I am biased or anything.. ;) )

But really, tell me you don't agree? I think its gorgeous!  -->

This month we celebrated our four month anniversary!! Yay!! Let me tell you, I love this man more today than I thought I could ever love anyone.

When you go through hard things it really makes you stronger as a couple.

My philosophy:  If one has never experienced true sorrow, one will never experience true happiness.

I really honestly believe that 110%  We have had some trouble, and now, we are closer than ever.

My Bestest Friend Kellie is going to write a song about Keith and me, its going to be called. "No Milk, Just Love." It will be a hit!  The milk reference is because Milk is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive at Wal*Mart.  I mean $3.20 for a gallon of milk... PLEASE!!!

That brings us to today... The 13th of December :) Way excited for Christmas :)

I promise I will be better at this blogging stuff!


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