Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Inspirational Printables ~freebie~

It's my birthday! I'm feeling generous, loved, and VERY inspired.

I've spent the day at work, updating iPads and decorating my classroom.  I have a "door of inspiration" in my classroom, mostly filled with warm fuzzies I found on pinterest.  But a few of my own creations, so I thought I would share a few with you!

I love this quote, so I made it into a cute little thing, so now it can hang on my door of inspiration. I did create this one.

This one, I did not create, but I am using it as my motto for this year, I will make a whole post about it, sometime this week.  I am enough, I am FIERCE!
This one is my favorite thing I have ever made I think.  I am in constant need of being reminded that I am tough, and yeah, somedays life is REALLY hard, but I am tough, and brave a strong, and I WILL make it to tomorrow.
So there are a few, more to come I am sure!

Thanks for reading ;)

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