Tuesday, April 15, 2014

38 Weeks!

Seriously guys.  We are 38 Weeks today! I'm so ready to have this little munchkin that I can't even stand it!

We [The Immediate Family] have officially placed baby bets.

So that means its getting close!

My bet is that he will come Friday, the 18th [GOOD FRIDAY] he will weigh 6 lbs 5 oz. and be about 21 inches long (I've seen the ultrasound, and this kid has big feet and long legs like his daddy)

Keith bets he won't get here until the 27th. I can't remember what his guess on height and weight were, but don't worry, its all written down on my fridge.

Things have been a little more exciting this week (I'm not sure this is a good thing.)

Yesterday morning we had to make an unexpected visit to the hospital.  I hadn't felt Jack move for a good 2 hours, and I just wasn't feeling right.  I went down to the hospital and they immediately found his heartbeat. [I cried, I was so relieved] He still wasn't moving much though, so they kept the monitors on me, and called my Dr.

He told them to give me lots of fluids, so I drank 5 cups of NASTY Gunnison water, and had a bag of IV fluid.  He started moving after that.   Just to be safe, they tested my urine and it came back that I had a little bladder infection [which explains why I've been feeling yucky] so I got an antibiotic for that.

We were so so so relieved when we heard that heartbeat!  Not knowing is an awful feeling.

Anyways, all is well in baby land.  He's still cooking away, no matter how much I want him out.

I've started eating pineapple, drinking raspberry tea, and going for long walks... I'm ready for baby boy to be here.

38 weeks, and feeling HUGE! So ready to meet baby Jack
What are your tips for "encouraging" him to join us?  No castor oil please :)

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