Sunday, September 9, 2012

Some Bad News

So.. with all this good that we've had lately, a wedding, starting school, Keith's promotion... I suppose something bad was bound to happen, although no one ever hopes for the worst.

One week ago today, Sunday, September 2, 2012, Keith and I were in a four-wheeling accident, I was driving, and I hit a rock, it ripped the handle bars out of my hands and I lost control, my adrenaline started pumping and told me we either needed to jump or we would wreck into the ditch and tree.  So I half jumped, half fell off the four wheeler, we were going about 30 MPH down Manti Canyon. We were on our way down the main road from Skyline drive, only about 2 miles from the top.

Keith, being the hero he is, tried to save me, in the process he ripped my pants.  And broke his arm... Bad. the only thing I remember is seeing Keith's arm dangling.  I have never seen anything so gross in my life.  We hurried down the mountain (its a good thing Keith's family was with us.) I landed on my face, shoulder, and elbow.  I was really sore, but I knew nothing was broken. Nadean checked me out and gave me the okay. Keith however, wasn't so lucky.  We rushed to Gunnison Valley Hospital and got him checked out. The Dr. that was there didn't know how to go about fixing it so he sent us up to Mountain View Hospital in Payson.  Dr. Wallentine put him out and set it.  He sent us home to be careful, and we were to come back on Friday to see if it is staying.

So we went home, and the week that insued was really rough.  Keith was in so much pain.  (Plus he was allergic to the medicine he was on)  So we went back on Friday.  We found out he has to get surgery on Tuesday, they're going to put a plate and some pins in to hold it.  He's really scared, so any thoughts and prayers you have for him would be appreciated.

Thanks Guys


Time to Catch Up!

I've been meaning to do this for weeks, but we haven't had the internet at our new house and that makes blogging difficult sooo: here we go!

WE GOT MARRIED!!! FINALLY! it was amazing and beautiful and could not have been more perfect!
Photo credit: Lynnzie Montoya (soon to be Williams)
It was the best day of my life, and I'm soo glad that our family and friends got to come see us promise our lives to each other. It was amazing, thanks to everyone that came.  

Next came the HONEYMOON! oh my gosh was that fun.  We went to Salt Lake City, and stayed at the Anniversary Inn on South Temple.

<--  This is us at the Living Planet Aquarium, right before we went to the penguin encounter!  (Yeah be jealous, we played with penguins, one pecked my shoe!)

This is the first penguin that came to see us, her name was Georgia, isn't she cute?
This is Georgia and Her mate, We can't remember his name, but fun fact:  Penguins mate for life, Isn't that Romantic??   I feel like Pheobe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S  "Keith's my Penguin"

Super cute right? We also saw lots of fishes! it was an exciting and eventful day!!

After the aquarium we went to check in at The Anniversary Inn! We stayed in the "Phantom of the Opera Suite" IT WAS SPECTACULAR!

Now please, let me bore you with pictures of our hotel

The "Date Night Package" and "The Time Travelers Wife"

The AMAZING Bathroom

I really loved the his and hers sinks

the tub.. IT WAS HUGE!!!! 

mural in the bedroom

the key

cute little table

the bed, it was like sleeping on heaven

mood lighting (when we got there, there was love music playing)

TV hiding behind the curtain

closed view

the door

Back view of the Inn, We were downstairs

the whole back view of the Inn

the sign

front side, this hardly does it justice

front again
so you can see how fun it was!  It was so nice and the staff was so hospitable, when we got there, there was cheesecake in the fridge and sparkling cider chilling by the tub.  Seriously amazing, we're thinking of going back every year on our anniversary (or maybe every two.. cause it was a smidge expensive)

SO.. that was fun.. The next day we went to the zoo. and our cameras were dead but you all need to go. The Polar Bear is the best, cutest, most adorable thing in the whole dang world.  He swims up to the glass,  then  pushes off!  BEST THING EVER!!!

and as always, the elephants are my favorite.. little fun fact: Zuri (the baby elephant) was born on August 10, 2010 (on our anniversary!)  so cool.  I LOVE the elephants!!


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