Thursday, January 28, 2016

Odds and Ends {doodlebug}

I know I've already posted about custom orders, but we truly love custom orders, they are our favorite types of signs/decor to do.  S

Some people see something on pinterest that sparks an idea, they tell us their idea, and we do what we can to make it come true.  That being said, for the most part, we don't like to copy things EXACTLY because we know that people work hard to make things, and to copy it exactly, colors, fonts, style is disrespectful. Usually when we get a custom order for a request off of pinterest, we change fonts, colors, and style, but may use the same quote or certain elements of it.

Other people just have an idea in their head, but they're not sure how to make it come true.  That's why we are here!  If you have an idea for home decor, let us know!  We can make your idea a reality, cause man, you smaaaart, and you has some good ideas!

Ignore my messy floor, crafting is messy business
Custom order for one of our favorite customers ;)
Wedding sign, cause we love our cousins!
Door hanger
Keith made this for our door... I am in love with it
Home Sweet Home

Leash holder for our fur nieces!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Bed of Beds. {doodlebug}

If you follow us on facebook then you have seen this, but bare with us for a moment, this is one of my proudest accomplishments.

Keith and I... BUILT A BED!  In a little less than 12 hours.

and... its a gorgeous bed.


We plan to paint it white, with grey over it at some point, but its cold outside, so for now, its wood colored and smells like heaven.

Be proud.  This project came in at right around $160 (wood, screws, brackets etc.)

We were looking to buy the same type/look of bed and it was over $800 so... I'd call that a win!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spring City Candy Cane Boutique {doodlebug}

After the fall festival, we considered being vendors at the Mistletoe mall again, or possibly the one that is the same weekend, Novemberfest.  But we were discouraged at the nonsuccess we had last year, so we bagged that idea, and I began looking for a different one.  I found out about the Candy Cane Boutique in Spring City, a little town about 15 minutes from us.  We had success in the past at fairs in the North End of the county, so we decided to give it a try.

We signed up and prepared (all of these stories have that line in there somewhere right??)

Candy Cane Boutique is a 2 day show, it was so fun.

The people were all soooo nice, and we made a few friends, and saw a few that we had seen before.

The food was EXCELLENT (I think I ate my weight in delicious hot dogs, soups, and salads)!

We definitely plan to do this again, it was so much fun!
Harry Potter Inspired

I love this growth chart, it hasn't sold yet, so it will be at the Chocolate Festival next week

I loved these, we sold a whole bunch of them!
I love this
We had a storm trooper to go with Darth here, but I must not have gotten a picture of him
All you need is love.  and a blog dog ;)
Joy, I also love this one
The booth

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sanpete Fall Festival Take 2 {doodlebug}

In a previous post, I talked about the Fall Festival, the first year we did it, it was at a local park, tucked behind the gas station.

It was a flop

You can read more about that here.

Well, I'm an optimist to a fault, and I really like the gal that is in charge of the fall festival, so we signed up again, this time it was in cahoots with our Middle School's fall festival, there was to be a Zombie fun run, and a few other fun things.  So we were excited, we put together a ton of stuff, and we were ready to go!

The date was late October (hence the zombie run)

We had just built a craft booth that was a whole lot more practical to display our stuff. 

We had signed up for a different craft fair later in November, so we figured whatever we didn't sell at Fall Festival we could add to our inventory for the next boutique.

SURPRISE, we did alright!

It wasn't a huge show, but it was fun, as always to go and sit with my cute husband for a day, and it was a sunshiney warm day.  All in all, we made a little money, and had a good day.

One of my favorites that I've ever made.
more stuff
The collection of things for Fall Festival 2015
The booth setup 
I love this :)

Bats, I love these
Give thanks

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Custom Orders Summertime, Gladness! {doodlebug}

After the Swap meet, we had a long break from craft fairs, we still made crafts, and summertime is when we really focus on custom orders.  Of course we love and accept custom orders anytime.  Summertime is when we have the most, (probably cause I don't work summers, and I've got lots of extra time)

So here are some pictures of some of our custom orders!

Cute Kitchen Set  The spoons are vinyl

Same cute set, picture of it in the customer's house!
These are my favorite to post, cause I love to see our stuff in homes!
She liked them so much she wanted more!
We sold a WHOLE bunch of these in about September, I painted and painted scarecrows for DAYS!
More of that same order
The official listing for Mr. Scarecrow

Sorry about the quality in some of these, sometimes cellphone pictures just... lack finesse!

Growth Charts are one of my very favorite things to make.
The sexy hub in the background :)

The most detailed and intense thing we've ever done... Okay, so Keith did this, the whole thing... I was too scared.

We really can make just about anything you could dream of, if there is something you want in your home, we can make it!

Custom orders are taken ANYTIME, you can call us, text us, email us or message us on our facebook page


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