Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars 2013: The Best and Worst of the Night

It's what everyone is talking about at the Water Cooler today.  THE OSCARS.

I didn't get to watch much of it because I had to work at Walmart.  But I did catch the end and I have spent all day streaming the show.  I haven't finished so I will just remark on what I have watched.

Best of the evening.  
When Jennifer Lawrence gracefully caught herself falling up the stairs and Hugh Jackman was the only one that got up to help her.

Look at Hugh-ey, getting up and being the hero!  Still even though she fell Jennifer was the embodiment of a winner.  She is gorgeous and so was her Dior gown.  and she recovered soo well. "I know you are all standing because I fell.  I'm really embarrassed."  She's adorable.  

That brings us to the next item of business. 

BEST DRESSED {according to me}

Amanda Seyfried: Gorgeous Alexander McQueen Dress. (LOVE)

Octavia Spencer: Simply BEAUTIFUL Tadashi Shoji dress.  This is so gorgeous!

Jennifer Lawrence.  I love this girl and she is WEARING this Dior Dress right!
Oh Jen, you always do it sooo right.
I'm loving Jennifer Aniston in this sexy red Valentino dress.

Call me crazy but Naomi Watts' Armani Prive gown was spectacular. I love the cutout!
Showed some skin without being skanky (unlike Brandi Glanville, more on that later)

Normally, I wouldn't love this Canary Yellow Versache gown.
But on Jane Fonda.  I love it.
Amy Adams made a few worst dress lists.  The worst calling her a Dust mop.
But I think her Grey Oscar de la Renta was elegant and SUPER classy! 

Kelly Osbourne made a lot of WORST dressed lists too in this
Tony Ward Couture Dress. But I LOVED it!!!
Kristen Chenoweth looked like a dream in this sheer black and silver
I couldn't find a designer. But she is WOW!

Oh Sally Fields, Mary Todd Lincoln, whatever you want us to call you.
You are grace! Thank you for showing that you don't have to show sooo much skin
to be so beautiful!  This Valentino dress made worst dressed on a couple of lists but this
was DEFINITELY one of my favorites of the evening.  I'll have two!!
Channing Tatum and his wife are soo cute, so they made the list.

Bradley Cooper made my list cause he's hot!  And he took his mom as his date

That concludes best dressed. Moving on to the less prestigious award
Reese my darling.  I love you, you usually have SUCH great fashion sense
but this Louis Vitton dress is nasty.  It makes her hips look SO big! :( Sorry darling

I HATE to do this because I love Adele SO much.
But this Jenny Packham dress isn't doing much for her.
I was hoping for something a little more "WOW"

Anne. My darling Anne.  This Prada gown is bad.  first of all. NIPPLES!
Second.  EEW!  The dress she wore when the Les Mis cast performed was gorgeous.
This one... Not so much.

Halle Berry. Shame on you, this is the Academy Awards.
Not the premiere of Edward Scizzorhands.

Jennifer Garner.  you look like a bird. Love you though!
My favorite actress right now is this doll right here. But this knit looking
pajama dress is not so great Melissa!

Odd for a man to make worst dressed. Especially a man
as handsome as Chris Pine.  This tux is Hideous!
Kristen Stewart.  Oh honey.  This dress looks like a fluffy curtain.
Also.  You look sooo uncomfortable in your skin.
Get some confidence and come back next year.



Brandi Glanville.  There is sooo much wrong with this dress.  First two things.  Direct your attention to the two things coming out of the dress!!! NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR NIPPLES Darling.  and Two.. Why are YOU even at the Oscars.  You're a REAL HOUSEWIFE.. That requires NO talent.  Just Skankiness.. You're gross and your dress is gross.  Go Home.

I love Sandra Bullock, and I haven't mentioned her. Usually she is one of the BEST dressed at every occasion.  This time, not so much. It wasn't worst dressed worthy.  But certainly not best dressed either.
Just a bit too sheer and lacy for me.

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